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How to Purchase

In this section, we provide you with the specifics on how to initiate a service credit purchase and the three ways to pay for the service credit. Before you begin the process of purchasing service credit, be sure to do the research and find out what types are available for you to purchase. See Types of Service Credit for details of each service credit type.

1. Ask for an Application or a "Bill"

If you're seeking to purchase universal buy-in service, you don't need to complete an application form. Simply log in to miAccount and request a member billing statement.

If you're seeking a repayment of refunded contributions, contact the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) by phone or miAccount's secure Message Board to request a member billing statement. Be sure to specify that you want to repay a refund and give us your approximate dates of employment for the refund period along with your full name and address.

For all other service credit types, start with one of the application forms (found under Forms and Publications). ORS will review your records upon receiving the completed application and any required documentation. We will check your eligibility and determine if the credit has no cost or if a purchase is necessary. If the credit has no cost, you will receive a letter stating the service credit type and amount being credited to your account. If you must purchase the service, you will receive a member billing statement.

The member billing statement outlines the type of service you can purchase, how much, the cost, and the due date. Although it is called a billing statement, you're not obligated to buy the credit, nor are you obligated to purchase by the due date shown. However, if you don't purchase the service credit reflected on your "bill" before the due date, you will have to request another billing statement with updated cost information.

When we mail your member billing statement, we'll send along instructions and forms you may need to initiate your purchase.

Remember, service credit can never be purchased or granted after you have terminated your state employment.

2. Decide how you want to pay for the purchase, and follow the instructions

Important Information

Your member billing statement must be current to purchase service credit. Statements expire at the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.