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  • MI School Data is the main resource for CEPI data. Public users can access aggregate test scores, graduation rates, college and K-12 school information, enrollment numbers, and more.

    Schools and colleges can grant secure login rights to educators who need more detailed reports to tailor instruction or evaluate programs. Contact your school’s administrator/keyholder to request secure access to MI School Data. Common users include curriculum coordinators, teachers, program evaluators, counselors and advisors.

  • Educational Entity Master

    The EEM is a searchable database of Michigan education facilities. You can look up contact information for a school or district, search by location, create mailing lists, request predefined datasets, and more.

  • Researchers

    If you need non-aggregate data for program evaluations or studies, please visit the MDE Office of Evaluation, Strategic Research and Accountability website or email Rigorous data use, storage and destruction policies must be met before data are provided. Confidential data are masked by research identification codes and file layouts modified for research purposes. Common users include researchers doing national studies or performing program evaluation across several entities in Michigan.

  • Transcripts, Diplomas, GEDs

    CEPI does not have transcripts, diplomas or GEDs. For transcripts and diplomas, contact your school, district or ISD. If your school participates in the e-Transcript program, see the Student Quick Start Guide on our e-Transcript web page. For GEDs, contact the Workforce Development Agency at 517-373-1692.

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