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Pupil Privacy

Public Act 367 of 2016, Protection of Pupil Privacy, requires CEPI and the Michigan Department of Education to post a notice of the information collected for pupils' education records, including an inventory and description of all pupil data elements. Section 1136(1)(d) specifies that CEPI and MDE will not disclose pupil information that is collected or created except in accordance with the established policy (PDF) that details how they will protect and distribute student data.

The Michigan Student Data System Data Use Matrix (XLSX) is an Excel spreadsheet showing how the student data CEPI collects in MSDS support federal and state reporting requirements. The matrix also shows whether a field is required, optional, or required only if relevant. (E.g., districts only report Title I eligibility for students who are Title I eligible.) For more information, please see How Your Data Are Used.

CEPI is committed to protecting confidential education records, and to transparency in data collection, storage and disclosure. Our data security protocols follow strict State of Michigan standards and best practices. Our rigorous privacy policies and procedures meet or exceed data sharing guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

For more information on how CEPI safeguards data it collects, please see How CEPI Protects Education Data. For information on how MDE protects data they collect, see MDE's Pupil Privacy page.