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About CEPI

Six elementary school children

About CEPI

Thomas Howell, Executive Director


CEPI is proud to serve as the agency responsible for collecting, securely managing, and reporting education data in Michigan.

Whether you're a parent looking for the best fit for your child, a member of the education community seeking data that can inform your practices, a policy maker or researcher evaluating our state’s education policies, or simply a Michigan citizen seeking transparent and unbiased information on how our schools and students are performing, CEPI is pleased to help with your information needs.

This CEPI website is for the Michigan schools and colleges who report data to CEPI. MI School Data is where we publicly report these data to inform decision making.

Our goal is one all Michigan citizens share: to help Michigan students become career and college ready. Data can help inform decisions that lead to improved outcomes. As such, I welcome your feedback. Tell us what we can do to meet your information needs, and how we can better serve you, our stakeholders.

Tom Howell, Director
Center for Educational Performance and Information