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Michigan Longitudinal Data System

Michigan Statewide Longitudinal Data System

The Michigan Statewide Longitudinal Data System is the state’s centralized education data repository, developed and maintained by CEPI. Much of the development was federally funded with U.S. Department of Education competitive grants.

The MSLDS lets us connect data in powerful ways—grade to grade, school to school, level to level. It lets us connect data like school finance, test scores, teacher preparation, gender and ethnicity, courses and grades, graduation rates, college enrollment, free or reduced price lunch eligibility, career and tech programs, special education and gifted programs. These connections, which can span from early childhood into the workforce, help ensure Michigan’s public education system meets the needs of all students.

CEPI publishes MSLDS information on MI School Data. This helps education stakeholders understand which policies and programs work. The data also provide transparency, accountability, and informed decision making to Michigan citizens.

Michigan is a national leader in many aspects of statewide longitudinal data system design, particularly for the ways it provides access to education data while protecting individual privacy.

The P-20 Longitudinal Data System Advisory Council helps define how to collect, connect and deliver data. See below for more about P-20 LDS Council membership and meetings.