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Postsecondary Applications

College students

Postsecondary Applications


Institutions of higher education use the Michigan Student Data System and Michigan Postsecondary Data Inventory to submit student-level data to the Center for Educational Performance and Information. Data collected in these systems are vital to postsecondary success.

IHEs are required to submit student-level data to CEPI in the MSDS IHE Request for UIC and STARR collections per sections 388.1844 and 388.1819 of the State School Aid Act.

Every IHE should have at least one authorized MSDS and MPDI user. Each user must submit a completed security form, signed by the registrar as listed in the contact information section in the Educational Entity Master, before access can be granted.

See the CEPI Calendar Page for our master calendar of deadlines and collection dates.

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