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Early Roster

MSDS Early Roster Collection

This optional collection may be used to submit projected student enrollment for a given school year. Since this is not a certified collection, it does not impact accountability, nor do the submitted data become part of students' official records. Data are used to create direct certification reports. The Division of Accountability Services may also use Early Roster data for Kindergarten Entry Assessment and Interim assessments.

See the CEPI Calendar Page for our master calendar of deadlines and collection dates.

Benefits of using Early Roster to Pre-Identify Students for Fall Assessments

UICs are assigned and resolved early, avoiding UIC resolution tasks during the busy period leading up to Tested Roster.

Since many schools submit Early Roster already, it alleviates having to submit a separate data file to the OEAA Secure Site.

To be used for pre-identification, records must be error-free and include Race/Ethnicity data and the Assessment Component. For more information about the pre-ID process, please see the Secure Site Training web page.

Direct Certification Implications for Public Schools

Students reported in the Early Roster Collection, along with the students reported as continuing in the End-of-Year General Collection, are used in the creation of the initial Direct Certification Report.

We recommend public school users submit Early Roster records for all newly enrolled students and students who have had a change in building assignment between the EOY General Collection and the start of the next school year. Once the school year begins, report enrollments through the General or Student Record Maintenance collections.

For more information about the Direct Certification Report, please visit CEPI's Direct Certification Report page.

Direct Certification Implications for Nonpublic Schools

Starting with the 2022-23 SY, the Early Roster collection is not being used by nonpublic schools.

Nonpublic schools participating in the National School Lunch Program will be required to submit all students, including new enrollees and existing students, in the Nonpublic School Student Roster Collection.

For more information about nonpublic school student data entry, please visit CEPI's Nonpublic Schools web page.