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How Your Data Are Used

The matrices below show how the data CEPI collects support federal and state reporting requirements, MI School Data reports and planned uses of data.

The matrices show whether a field is required, optional, or required only if relevant. (E.g., districts only report Title I eligibility for students who are Title I eligible.)

For more information about federal requirements, refer to the EDFacts file specifications. Every report submitted via EDFacts has a report code and name in the matrices (e.g., FS103 Accountability), and links to the report's specifications on the U.S. Department of Education's website.

See How CEPI Protects Education Data for CEPI's privacy and security practices, as well as links to relevant documents and websites regarding data security, privacy and confidentiality.

*The MSDS matrix has multiple tabs because of the large number of federal reporting requirements associated with these data. The Data Summary tab lists (and links to) each of these functional areas/tabs. The Report Notes tab identifies other ways MSDS data support education. For example, CEPI matches information from the Department of Health and Human Services to identify children who are eligible for free or reduced price lunch. This direct certification process means children receive meals without having to complete an application, and reduces paperwork for schools.