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Nonpublic Schools

Six elementary school children

Nonpublic Schools

Reporting Requirements

Nonpublic schools are required by law to submit certain information to CEPI. Nonpublic schools should assign at least one authorized user (we recommend at least two) for each of the data reporting applications below. Each user must submit the a signed security form before access can be granted.

CEPI Nonpublic User Application Security Form

  • Nonpublic School Personnel Report: Each fall, nonpublic schools must submit information on all employed and contracted personnel.
  • Michigan Student Data System: Nonpublic schools submit data in the Nonpublic School Student Roster Collection. They also use MSDS to generate the Direct Certification Report.
  • Educational Entity Master: This is an optional application for nonpublic schools. The EEM contains information about public and nonpublic educational entities.

See the CEPI Calendar Page for our master calendar of deadlines and collection dates.

Nonpublic School Personnel Report

NPSPR data are used to meet the requirements of school safety legislation. Michigan law requires that the Michigan State Police and FBI conduct criminal history checks for all regular and contracted employees hired or assigned by public and nonpublic schools. NPSPR data collected each year include name, social security number, date of birth and gender.

*The Nonpublic School Membership Report is a separate report, and is not managed by CEPI. For information, see the MDE Nonpublic School page.

  • Deadline: NPSPR data are due to CEPI the first business day in December.

Michigan Student Data System

Nonpublic schools participating in the National School Lunch Program are required to submit their entire student enrollment, including new enrollees and existing students, in the MSDS Nonpublic School Student Roster Collection. These data are used to update the direct certification report of children who are automatically certified for free school meals. The report is refreshed throughout the school year. For more information, visit CEPI's Direct Certification Report page.

Educational Entity Master

The EEM contains information about Michigan's public and nonpublic school facilities, including official identification codes and contact information. Other state applications and the public use EEM information.

EEM records for nonpublic schools are updated by the nonpublic schools office at the Michigan Department of Education. Nonpublic schools have the option of assigning one or more authorized users to review/update their EEM school records to ensure that they are accurate and up-to-date.

  • Deadline: The EEM is open year-round.