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Teacher Student Data Link

MSDS Teacher Student Data Link Collections

The TSDL Collections in the MSDS report links between students and the teachers who provide instruction to them. These data are necessary to meet the requirements of the America Competes Act, The State School Aid Act of 1979, and are used by the Michigan Department of Education in calculations for the Parent Dashboard for School Transparency. Data reported in the collection reflect the student's performance in classes during the current academic year.

Two TSDL Collections

1. Migrant TSDL

  • Only migrant students can be reported. 
  • Has a year-long reporting window (ongoing collection), so course information for a migrant student can be captured at any time.
  • Districts with migrant-eligible students must submit course data within 10 days of the student enrolling in the district and within 10 days of the student exiting the district. The MSDS receives nightly updates from MIS2000 indicating which students are migrant-eligible.

2. General TSDL

  • One reporting window at the end of the school year (May-August).
  • Uses a single certify process (like the general collections). This allows users to decertify/recertify their collection to make course record changes without having to submit a new course record. 
  • Only non-migrant students can be reported. CEPI will merge migrant records with these records for state reporting purposes.

All students your district submitted as continuing (District Exit Status "19") in grades K-12 and 14 are required to have all courses reported in TSDL. This includes nonpublic or homeschooled students taking non-essential elective courses (i.e., shared-time).

If a student requiring TSDL submission exits your district during the school year, you are still required to submit applicable student data from the duration of their enrollment.

Students who were enrolled for very brief periods of time, resulting in no course information being posted to their academic records, are not required to be reported.

See the CEPI Calendar Page for our master calendar of deadlines and collection dates.