• Section 209(5) and Section 245(6) of the State School Aid Act of 1979

    In 2014, Legislation was inserted into The State Aid Act pertaining to "opportunities for earning college credit" at a community college or university by outlining how students can earn credit and the unique institutional resources which must be made available to those attending students.

    By November 15, of each year, IHEs are required by state law to:

    • Complete a survey spreadsheet containing the Budget and Performance Transparency Badge (CEPI will send this electronically each year)
    • Submit the spreadsheet to CEPI by emailing it to CEPI@Michigan.gov
      • Email Subject Line: Reporting Requirements for “School Name” Sec. 209(5) or Sec 245(6)
    • Post the spreadsheet on their website under the college Budget and Performance Transparency Badge link.
  • Section 222 of the State School Aid Act of 1979

    Community Colleges are required by state law to submit their financial statements to CEPI on or before November 15 of each year.

    • Email the completed financial statement to CEPI@Michigan.gov (no paper copies)
      • Email Subject Line: Financial Statement for "School Name"
    • Colleges must also publish the financial statement on their website.

    CEPI will provide this information to members of the senate and house appropriations subcommittees on community colleges, the senate and house fiscal agencies, the auditor general, the workforce development agency, and the state budget director.