• CEPI Announcements

    Public Announcements: CEPI sends public CEPI Announcements up to twice a month on the first and third Thursday. These can include notices on new or updated reports and other application- or data-related news of interest to the general public.

    If you wish to receive all public CEPI Announcement emails, you can subscribe to the CEPI Announcements GovDelivery topic. (Use the same GovDelivery link if you're a subscriber and want to change your settings or user profile.) If you only wish to receive public bulletins that include news about a particular application, you can subscribe to that application topic.

    Application User Announcements: For authorized application users, CEPI sends a bulletin of announcements on the first and third Wednesday of each month. This bulletin is automatically sent to all authorized users of applications mentioned in that issue. For example, if you're a REP user, you'll receive any authorized user emails that include information about REP.