• School Infrastructure Database

    Data submitted by school districts via the SID include information about safety practices and incidents of crime in public schools. The SID also has the capability to include information about technology (hardware, networks, connectivity, distance learning, etc.) and school structure (physical construction, capacity and use elements).

    • As of the 2016-17 reporting year, dual enrollment data formerly reported in SID are now reported in the Financial Information Database and the Teacher Student Data Link collections.
    • Beginning in school year 2016-17, Crime and Safety data are no longer collected in the SID. Districts are still required to report incidents of bullying (Field 4A) and victims of violent criminal offenses (Field 44). All other fields will be optional for the 2016-17 SID submission. For the 2017-18 School Year, all optional fields will be removed. In addition, Sec. 1310a. (2) of Public Act 532 now requires districts to post incidents of crime annually on their website. The content of this report shall be determined through collaboration between the superintendent and local law enforcement officials.
      • 2016-17 School Year: No record layout changes will be made (data may still be submitted). All business rules will be removed and fields will not be validated. Data will be deleted and will not be available for any reporting or analysis.
      • 2017-18 School Year: Fields will be completely removed from the application and record layout.

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