• MSDS Teacher Student Data Link Collection

    The TSDL Collection in the Michigan Student Data System reports links between students and the teachers who provide instruction to them. These data are necessary to meet the requirements of the America Competes Act, The State School Aid Act of 1979, and are used by the Michigan Department of Education in calculations for the Parent Dashboard for School Transparency. Data reported in the collection reflect the student's performance in classes taken throughout the current academic year.

    The TSDL Collection is an ongoing collection. Districts must submit full course data for the following populations:

    • Migrant education participants (Grades 9-12)
    • Dual enrollment participants (Grades 9-12)
    • Early Middle College participants (Grades 9-12)
    • Advanced and accelerated learning participants (All Grades)
      • Advanced Placement (Grades 9-12)
      • International Baccalaureate (All Grades)
    • Virtual/online learning participants (All Grades)

    Districts with migrant-eligible students must submit course data within 10 days of the student enrolling in the district and within 10 days of the student exiting the district. Migrant-eligible students are reported to the Migrant Education Data System by districts' migrant liaisons. The MSDS receives nightly updates from MEDS indicating which students are migrant-eligible. MSDS system reports will be available when the collection opens to assist districts with this collection.

    64b Funding – the TSDL Collection will be used to report and process all Section 64b funding claims. It is recommended that you wait until the course is completed before submitting the course information.

    Summer Courses: Courses taken in the summer of 2017 can be reported in the 2016-17 TSDL Collection OR the 2017-18 TSDL Collection. Students who do not have a final grade in a course (summer school or otherwise) by July 26, 2017 may be reported with an incomplete ("I") course grade. Courses may then be resubmitted with final grades in the 2017-18 collection. If these courses are reported in next year's 2017-18 TSDL Collection, they must be reported with the value “2016-2017” in the Academic Year characteristic. All courses must be reported whether during the 2016-17 collection or the 2017-18 collection with the appropriate Academic Year value. Districts that will be reporting 2016-17 summer school courses in the 2017-18 TSDL Collection need to be sure to select the appropriate Academic Year value for each student/course in the Student Course Component.

    Data Quality: CEPI will compile several analyses of Certified and error-free Staging Area data for the 2017-18 TSDL Collection. Communications will be sent prior to each analysis. Please be sure any data you wish to be included in any of the analyses are Certified or error-free in the Staging Area of your 2017-18 TSDL Collection.

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