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I'm with an early childhood program, but not part of a school or district.

It sounds like you're what the state classifies as an Other Non-School Recipient. An ONSR is neither a school nor a Unique Education Provider, but receives money through the Michigan Electronic Grants Systems or Cash Management System. ONSRs may or may not receive program dollars where individual student or staff reporting is required. Examples of ONSRs include (but are not limited to) community action agencies, soup kitchens, day care centers, etc.

You'll need to set up your program in the Educational Entity Master, and you may be required to report early childhood information in the Michigan Student Data System.

Educational Entity Master

  • EEM is a database of educational entities, including official identification codes and contact information for Michigan's educational systems and programs.
  • State and federal agencies use EEM to retrieve basic information regarding non-school recipients of certain funding and schools/facilities throughout Michigan.
  • Commonly used information includes facility name, address, and contact information for each entity.
  • EEM is a public database. If your ONSR is not already listed, you can submit a request to add your ONSR to the EEM and obtain an agreement number by completing the ONSR entity form.
  • For more information, please visit the EEM web page.

Michigan Student Data System

  • MSDS is used to securely report student data.
  • MSDS Early Childhood Collections are used to report specific programs in which early childhood students are participating. We encourage you to report all children, but you are only required to report children participating in the Great Start Readiness Program, GSRP/Head Start Blended Program and the Great Parents/Great Start program.
  • Reporting student data in MSDS lets the state track the data over time, into K-12 programs.
  • For more information, please visit the Early Childhood Collections web page.