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Creating Lists and Mailing Labels

CEPI manages the official database of Michigan's educational entity directory information, the Educational Entity Master. The database is kept up-to-date by local school districts' entity authorized users, who are appointed by their administrators. It includes administrators' names, school addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

The EEM lets you create customized lists and data files that can be used to produce mailing labels. Please go to the EEM and click on "User Guide" near the top of the screen. In the sections on Quick Search and Detailed Search, you will find directions to perform a search and either print mailing labels from the results or download the data from your search.

This can be done whether or not you are logged in. It is available to the public as well as to entity authorized users.


  • Go to "Search" and choose "Quick." (This can also be done with the detailed search.)
  • Select the entity type(s) you want, such as "ISD District." Click "Search."
  • Click "Mailing/Contacts" at the bottom of the search results.
  • Choose "Superintendent" at the next screen. (You can also select the "Use Lead Administrators" box to get contact information for the lead administrator, regardless of their contact type.)
  • For mailing labels in Avery 5160 format, choose "Print" in that box.
  • For mailing label data, email addresses and telephone numbers, choose "Download" in Excel in the second box. Once you open the file, you will see email addresses and phone numbers to the right of the mailing label information.

After reviewing the EEM and the documentation, if you have additional questions, please email CEPI customer support at or call 517-335-0505 x3. Please provide your name, telephone number (including area code and extension), district code, and district name (if applicable), along with your message.