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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is intended to prevent cross-subsidization, preferential treatment, and information sharing between a utility’s regulated electric, steam, or natural gas service and unregulated programs and services, whether those services are provided by the utility or the utility’s affiliated entities including alternative electric suppliers.  It also provides for the ability of utilities to offer customers value-added programs and services, sets the notification and reporting requirements, and allows for MPSC review of complaints related to violations of these provisions. 

On December 20, 2018, pursuant to MCL 460.10ee of Public Act 341 of 2016, the Commission issued an order in Case No. U-18361 formally adopting updated Code of Conduct rules for all electric, natural gas, and steam utilities and alternative electric suppliers.  These rules also incorporate Affiliate Transaction Guidelines.

For more information regarding Code of Conduct, please see the 2016 Energy Legislation page, the Code of Conduct Issue Brief, or visit the MPSC E-dockets page in Case No. U-18361.

If you have questions related to Code of Conduct please contact Lacie Latimore and Kirk Forbes

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