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Pupil Privacy

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and the Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of every pupil within the state.  To ensure data of individual pupils is preserved, MDE, CEPI, and/or their educational partners have measures in place to safeguard and retain the information collected. 

Protection of Pupil Privacy Act (MCL 380-1136), Protection of Pupil Privacy, requires that MDE and CEPI post on their websites a notice of the information collected for a pupil’s education records, including an inventory of all pupil data elements and a description of each pupil data element. In addition, Section 1136(1)(d) specifies that MDE and CEPI will not disclose any information concerning a pupil that is collected or created except in accordance with the established policy that details how they will protect and distribute student data.

The majority of pupil data elements are collected by CEPI (CEPI's Data Protection Information).  MDE Offices that collect data, in addition to that collected by CEPI, are listed below:

Office of Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Data Elements for CTE

Data Elements for Early/Middle Colleges

Offices of Educational Assessment and Accountability

Data Elements

Office of Educational Supports

Data Elements 

Data Elements for field services

Office of Great Start Preschool and Out-of-School Time Learning

Data Elements

Office of Special Education

Data Elements