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1.03.04: Reporting Authorization Certification

1.03.04: Reporting Authorization Certification

Each September ORS sends a Reporting Authorization Certification to each superintendent or chief administrator. By signing and returning it to ORS, the superintendent or chief administrator certifies that, to their knowledge, no violations of law or official policy occur in the retirement detail reports submitted to ORS by the identified reporting users.

It is the superintendent or chief administrator's responsibility to make certain staff report accurate information to the retirement system and pay the associated contributions in a timely manner.

  • The superintendent or chief administrator is responsible for what gets reported by the reporting unit.
  • The superintendent or chief administrator certifies that the web administrator and web users of the online retirement reporting system have been correctly identified and that their level of access is appropriate by completing the Reporting Authorization Certification.

Instructions for managing and updating web user and contact accounts are provided in 12: Managing Employer Contacts.

Last updated: 03/08/2012