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1.03.03: Contacts

1.03.03: Contacts

Contacts are reporting unit resource staff who do not have access to the Employer Reporting website or the online payment process. Each reporting unit must have a superintendent or other chief administrator (Administrator 1).

The Web Administrator enters these contacts for the benefit of ORS who may need to reach reporting unit staff for other purposes. The reporting unit must decide which of their staff should be added as contacts and which type of contact they are. See section 12.11: Maintaining business contact information for instructions on how to add, edit and delete contacts.

Contact types include:

  • Main
  • Superintendent or other chief administrator (Administrator 1) - Each reporting unit must have a a person designated in this contact type.
  • Administrator 2
  • Administrator 3
  • Business Official
  • Human Resource
  • Other 1
  • Other 2
  • Technical 1
  • Technical 2
  • Escalation 1*
  • Escalation 2*

*If possible, the escalation contact(s) should be someone who oversees the reporting/payment process. It should be someone other than the reporting unit staff who have web reporting or payment processor access.

Last updated: 09/13/2015