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MITN Network Access FAQs

  • When a law enforcement agency hires a new chief, department head, or elects a new sheriff, the following information will need to be submitted to MCOLES: 

    Submit an executed Law Enforcement Agency User Agreement Addendum signed by your agency head to MCOLES by emailing it to of fax it to 517-636-7886. MCOLES staff will make this change upon notification through the Addendum. 

    The User Agreement Addendum should reflect the following:

    Section I - Provide the agency name, address, telephone and FAX number.

    Section II - Indicate the name of the previous agency head.  If the former agency head is a sworn law enforcement officer and leaves the agency, a Separation Notice has to be executed through the MCOLES Network and should be faxed to the MCOLES Licensing Services Section.  Provide the name of new agency head, effective date, if the individual is working as a fully sworn, licensed law enforcement officer, e-mail address, telephone number, and FAX number.

    Section III - Indicate the name of the individual who should be designated as the Single Point of Contact for the Network.

    Section IV - Indicate if the new department head wants to retain or rescind operator rights for those individuals that have access to the Network.  Upon notification that operator privileges should be rescinded, MCOLES will deactivate those Login IDs.  If new Network Operators need to be designated, they will need to fill out an MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) Operator Agreement, submit the form to MCOLES by emailing it to or faxing it to 517-636-7886 and attend a mandatory MITN Operator training class.

  • We recommend that you access the MCOLES Network through our website at There are several ways to access MCOLES Network informational pages.

    From our Home Page, select the link in the left tool bar entitled "MCOLES Network"
    From the middle section of our Home Page under the banner "Online Services"
    From the MCOLES Network Logo in the right hand menu

  • It is necessary for each User Agency to execute a MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) User Agency Agreement with MCOLES in order to use the system. Since the system contains information subject to privacy regulations, the User Agency Head must identify persons authorized to conduct business transactions with MCOLES. These individuals, and the agency head, must execute MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) Operator Agreement with MCOLES. Once the completed documents are received at MCOLES, access rights will be created for authorized operators. Operators will be notified of their login information in writing.
  • The MCOLES Network is a highly secure system that will restrict access and deny unauthorized use. For an agency to become an authorized user on the Network, a MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) User Agency Agreement must be submitted to MCOLES.

    Persons within an organization who perform business transactions with MCOLES must be identified. These individuals will need to be authorized by the agency head to conduct MCOLES Network operations. This will be accomplished through a MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) Operator Agreement. All designated operators for a law enforcement agency will need to register and attend a MITN Operator training class.

    All agreements can be sent to MCOLES by emailing them to or faxing at 517-636-7886.
  • Passwords Requirements

    Must contain at least 8 characters and no more than 30 characters
    Must contain characters from at least three of the following:
    Uppercase alphabet characters (A-Z)
    Lowercase alphabet characters (a-z)
    Arabic numerals (0-9)
    Non alphanumeric characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*+=?)
    Cannot be the same as your old password
    Maximum lifetime of passwords is 90 days

    NOTE: A reminder message will appear on the login screen each time you log in starting approximately one week before the password expires.

  • Adding a New MITN Operator

    If your law enforcement agency identifies the need to authorize a new operator to use the MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN), your agency will need to execute a MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) Operator Agreement, complete with your agency heads signature, and email it to or FAX it to 517-636-7886.

    NOTE: Law enforcement agency operators are required to complete a MITN Operator Training class prior to being granted access to MITN. Got to MITN Operator Training Classes on our website to find a schedule of upcoming MITN Operator Training classes.

    Once the completed documents are received at MCOLES and you have completed the MITN Operator Training (if required) access rights will be created for the Operator.

    Rescinding MITN Operator Rights

    Your agency can rescind MITN Operator Rights for an individual in one of two ways:

    The preferred method is for the Key MITN operator to remove the person’s access in MITN. After submitting the removal in MITN the Key MITN Operator should print the report, obtain the proper signatures and email the form to MCOLES at or fax it to 517-636-7886.

    The alternative method is to complete the Law Enforcement Agency User Agreement Addendum, include the agency head's signature, and submit the Addendum by emailing it to or faxing it to 517-636-7886.

  • Yes, there are security rules in place that may affect your ability to log in.

    You are allowed three (3) attempts to log in successfully. If, for some reason you are unable to log in after 3 tries, your account will be locked and you must contact the MCOLES Help Desk at 517-636-7867 to reactivate your account.

    If you log into the Network but leave your computer inactive for 45 minutes, the system will automatically log you out. Simply log back in and you will be able to continue with your work.
    Any ‘inappropriate' exit from the Network will cause a 45-minute delay before you can log back in again. A proper exit from the system is a two step process. First you click on the Exit MITN link, then you must close your browser to complete the process. If, for example, you accidentally close you browser first or temporarily lose your Internet connection, the database assumes that you are still logged in and will not allow another login until the 45 minute delay has passed. An error message indicating that ‘the user is already logged in' will be displayed when this situation occurs.

  • Mandatory training for law enforcement agency operators is offered through MI-TRAIN, For more information visit the MITN Operator Class webpage. Due to the importance of system integrity and security, the only method of obtaining a logon identification and password is by completing the MITN Operator training and sending a certificate of completion and MITN Operator Agreement form to

    Basic training academy operators and in-service training provider operators are able to access the User Guide through a link within the system once they have received their User ID.
  • Please create your Favorite or Bookmark on the Network Login Page & Status Update page. This will give you an opportunity to review the Network Status Updates for important system messages each time you log in. Do not set your favorite on the page where you enter your login ID and password; this can cause access problems.
  • The first thing you should check when having issues logging into the MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) is the MITN Status Update.  If we are experiencing any difficulties with the system, we will post an announcement in the Network Status Update. If no known problems are described there, please call the MCOLES Help Desk at 517-636-7867.

    If you are unable to log onto MITN and receive the following error message, please follow the steps below to re-establish your connection.

    Error Message:
    Error establishing encrypted connection to
    Error code - 12210

    Solution Steps:
    Open Internet Explorer
    Go to the Tools menu
    Select Internet Options...Advanced Tab
    Scroll down to the Security section
    Uncheck 'Use SSL 2.0'
    Check 'Use SSL 3.0'
    Apply your changes