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MCOLES Licensing Fees

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) has received an appropriation to assist out-of-state law enforcement officers licensed or certified in their state with the costs associated with attending the MCOLES Recognition of Prior Training and Experience program.  This program is to gain eligibility to be hired and licensed as a law enforcement officer in Michigan.  To be eligible officers must be currently licensed/certified in their state or have separated from employment as a licensed/certified officer no earlier than July 2022.

*** This is not the RPTE application, which also needs to be submitted to MCOLES for review and approval. The RPTE program application and instructions can be found at ***

Funding for this program is available for RPTE sessions attended prior to September 30, 2026.  Funding is not retroactive to a previously attended RPTE session.

Allowable Expenses

The $150.00 application fee is waived. Expenses that qualify for reimbursement include:

Program and tuition costs paid to the RPTE site for attendance at a session.  This is currently $1,050.00 for the full weeklong program.  A two-day test only option is available for $405.00.  The full program is recommended for out-of-state officers as it includes sections on Michigan-specific statutes. Travel, lodging, and meal costs, up to the State of Michigan published travel rates and criteria.

The Michigan law enforcement officer licensing exam is $84.00.


Submit the "Request for Funding and Reimbursement Formalong with your RPTE program application.  Use estimated costs for the initial request, subject to the above criteria. Following completion of the program, submit actual expenses on the same form and travel to  Actual receipts must be maintained and provided to MCOLES with the return form.

To receive payment, you must create an account in the State of Michigan SIGMA Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal at