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Mission, Vision & Values


The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards is created by law to serve the people of the state of Michigan by ensuring public safety and supporting the criminal justice community.

We provide leadership through setting professional standards in education, selection, employment, licensing, license revocation, and funding in law enforcement and criminal justice, in both the public and private sectors.


Through a dedicated fund, MCOLES supports law enforcement agencies to provide safe and secure communities that allow for a prosperous state that is positioned to meet the challenges of the future.

MCOLES conducts business in an environment free from organizational or financial conflicts of interest with independent control over fulfilling its mission.

MCOLES is nationally recognized as a leader in the development of training and ethical standards for law enforcement officers.


Respect ~ We value the unique and diverse skills, abilities, and perspectives of individuals.

Ethical Character ~ We are honest, ethical, and fair. Personal integrity and professional ethics guide all our decisions.

Leadership and Professionalism ~ We recognize our role as leaders in advancing the skills, knowledge, ethics, and attitudes necessary for achieving and maintaining professional excellence.

Accountability ~ We accept responsibility for our behaviors, decisions, and actions.

Commitment ~ We understand our mission and our individual roles in its accomplishment. We dedicate our energies and abilities to its fulfillment and we are willing to make sacrifices in its attainment.

Partnership ~ We recognize that more can be accomplished when individual actions are taken in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

Communication, Consultation, and Shared Decision-Making ~ We value clear and open communication. We encourage involvement, information sharing, and collaboration in the decision-making process.