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Staff & Services Directory

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Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
927 Centennial Way
Lansing, MI 48917

Mailing Address:
Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
927 Centennial Way
Lansing, MI 48913

MCOLES Main Phone Line: 517-636-7864
MCOLES General Email:

MITN Help Desk:  517-636-7867
Licensing Fax Number: 517-636-7886
MCOLES Licensing Email:

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcements Standards (MCOLES) must be submitted with the Department of State Police through the MSP Records Request Portal or by written request to the MSP Records division. For more information visit


Phone/E-Mail Address


Executive Direction

FAX: 517-636-4774

Timothy Bourgeois


MCOLES Executive Director
Commission Issues; Legislative Issues; Budget Issues

Joe Kempa


MCOLES Deputy Executive Director
Administration; Commission Issues; Budget Issues

Jacque Beeson


Executive Secretary

Career Development

FAX: 517-636-7886

Leon Boyer


Section Manager
Job Task Analysis; CPL; Emergency Vehicle Operations; Mental Health; Speed Measurement; Sexual Assault; Domestic Violence

Patrick Hutting


Medical Standards; LEOSA; In-Service Training; Special Use Requests

Rachel Coy


Outcome-Based Learning; Academy Training Curriculum; Teaching Methods; Training Standards

Joanne Catania 517-614-1192
In-Service Standards Development; Instructional Design
Matt Krumbach 517-636-7880
STOP Grant Coordinator
Matthew Robinson 517-636-7881
Active Violence Coordinator
Williamson Wallace 517-855-1797
Continuing Professional Education; Instructional Design
Vacant Behavioral Health Coordinator

Standards Compliance


Danny Rosa


Section Manager
Academy Issues; PA 330; Railroad; PSOB; FOIA; and all other standards compliance issues

Brandon Williams


Wayne County Regional Police Training Academy; Oakland Community College; Delta Community College; Lake Michigan College; Lake Superior State University; West Shore Community College

Michael Logghe


Department of Natural Resources; Kirtland Community College; Lansing Community College; Macomb Community College; Mott Community College; Michigan State Police; Northern Michigan University; Washtenaw Community College; PSOB

Gretchen Galloway


Detroit Police Department; Ferris State University; Grand Rapids Community College; Grand Valley State University; Kalamazoo Valley Community College; Kellogg Community College; Northwestern Michigan College

Recognition of Prior Basic Training & Experience Program (RPTE) reviews; PA 330, Railroad Police

Kathryn Teigeler


Standard Compliance Reviews

Vacant Standard Compliance Reviews
Pete Ackerly 517-881-5517
West Region Agency Field Representative
Joel Allen East Region Agency Field Representative
Vacant North Region Agency Field Representative

Licensing & Administrative Services

FAX: 517-636-7886

David Lee


Section Manager
Licensing; Records; Annual Registration; Law Enforcement Distribution; MITN Development

Rhonda Hooson


Licensing; Data Collection; Annual Registration; Testing; Operator Training & Agreements, MITN Training; Individual Training Record Requests; Academy Transcript Requests; MITN Help Desk; Railroad Licensing.

Cristina Dowker 517-636-7877

Michigan Justice Training Fund; Grants; Law Enforcement Distribution; Training to Locals Reimbursements; Contract Administration

Kayla Hanselman


MCOLES Business Solutions


Fiscal Control; Funding Development and Tracking; Payment Processing

Alexandra Pirich Busque


Website; Job postings; Facebook page; Pre-Employment Test Dates; Publications; MCOLES Email Inquiries

Tirstan Walters 517-614-7598
MCOLES State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) grants coordinator

Commission Counsel

Mark Sands

Commission Legal Matters

Updated 08/09/2023