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Drug Testing Information

The Commission has established procedures and identified laboratories to conduct law enforcement applicant drug testing in accordance with R28.14203, Non-medical selection qualification.

R 28.14203 Non-medical selection qualifications.

Rule 203.  A person selected to become a law enforcement officer under the act shall meet all of the following requirements:

(h) Test negative for illicit use of controlled substances under the following conditions:

(i) The process used to detect the presence of a controlled substance and the laboratory used to conduct the test shall be approved by the commission.

(ii) An applicant who tests positive, refuses to submit to a test, or fails to report for a test, shall not be eligible for training or licensing for 2 years after a test. An applicant who tests positive may request an opportunity to show cause to the commission why the test results were not indicative of an illicit use of a controlled substance.

For your convenience, we have placed a link to the drug testing procedures form and the authorized laboratories list that you may view and print.

Drug Testing Procedures Form & Authorized Laboratories List 

Law Enforcement Officer Applicant Drug Test Report