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Michigan's Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System

Michigan has implemented a web-based sexual assault evidence kit (SAEK) tracking system, called Track-Kit™, so evidence kits can be tracked through the system.


  • The legislature passed the Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Submission Act, which established time frames for submission and retrieval of SAEKs.
  • The legislature created the Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Tracking and Reporting Commission, which recommended the creation of a statewide tracking system.
  • STACSDNA, a private vendor, created Track-Kit™, a web-based system for use by law enforcement, prosecutors, medical facilities, forensic labs, and survivors.
  • Law enforcement agencies across Michigan received an instructional letter from MSP (via email and mail) to sign-up and participate in online training to gain access to Track-Kit™.
  • Each agency determines which of their members can access and use the system through a secure portal. Each kit will have its own barcode.

Note to All Michigan Agencies 

We ask that all agencies, regardless of size, register through MSP and complete the required training.  If you missed the opportunity to register, contact the MSP Grants and Community Services Division at 517-284-3208.

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