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Basic Training Curriculum Surveys

II. Patrol Procedures

    A. Patrol Operations

  1. Preparation for Patrol |Review|Survey|
  2. Radio/Telephone Communications |Review|Survey|
  3. Patrol Operation Administrative Duties |Review|Survey|

    B. Ethics In Policing and Interpersonal Relations

  1. Ethics in Policing |Review|Survey|
  2. Laws Pertaining to Civil Rights and Human Relations |Review|Survey|
  3. Cultural Competence and Sexual Harassment |Review|Survey|
  4. Interpersonal Skills |Review|Survey|
  5. Civil Dispute |Review|Survey|
  6. Victim Rights |Review|Survey|

    C. Patrol Techniques

  1. Types of Patrol |Review|Survey|
  2. Patrol Area Checks |Review|Survey|
  3. Responding to Crimes in Progress |Review|Survey|
  4. The Response to Persons with Mental Disorders |Review|Survey|

    D. Report Writing

  1. Obtaining Information and Preparing Reports |Review|Survey|

    E. Juveniles

  1. Dealing With Juvenile Offenders |Review|Survey|
  2. Dealing With the Families of Juveniles |Review|Survey|

IV. Police Skills

    A. First Aid

  1. Introduction to First Aid |Review|Survey|
  2. Airway Management |Review|Survey|
  3. Bleeding and Tissue Injury |Review|Survey|
  4. Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Law Enforcement |Review|Survey|
  5. Care for Medical Emergencies |Review|Survey|
  6. Care for Environmental Emergencies |Review|Survey|
  7. Practical First Aid Exercises |Review|Survey|

    B. Firearms

  1. Laws and Knowledge Related to Firearms Use |Review|Survey|
  2. Firearm Skills |Review|Survey|
  3. Firearms Range Assessment |Review|Survey|
  4. Patrol Rifle |Review|Survey|

    C. Police Physical Skills

  1. Mechanics of Arrest and Search |Review|Survey|
  2. Police Tactical Techniques |Review|Survey|
  3. Application of Subject Control |Review|Survey|
  4. Subject Control |Review|Survey|

    D. Emergency Vehicle Operation

  1. Emergency Vehicle Operation: Legalities, Policies and Procedures |Review|Survey|
  2. Emergency Vehicle Operation Techniques |Review|Survey|

    E. Fitness and Wellness

  1. Physical Fitness |Review|Survey|
  2. Health and Wellness |Review|Survey|

VI. Special Operations

    A. Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Control

  1. Emergency Preparedness |Review|Survey|
  2. Explosive Devices |Review|Survey|

    B. Civil Disorders

  1. Civil Disorder Procedures |Review|Survey|
  2. Techniques for Control of Civil Disorders |Review|Survey|

    C. Tactical Operations

  1. Tactical Operations |Review|Survey|

    D. Environmental Crimes

  1. Environmental Crimes |Review|Survey|

    E. Terrorism Awareness

  1. Terrorism Awareness |Review|Survey|
  2. Weapons of Mass Destruction |Review|Survey|
  3. Incident Command |Review|Survey|