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General Information

The MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) is an Internet-based application used by law enforcement entities to conduct business and personnel transactions with MCOLES in order to comply with the statutes and administrative rules of the Commission. MITN was created in response to Executive Order 2001-5.

Michigan law enforcement organizations include Michigan law enforcement agencies, basic law enforcement training academies and law enforcement in-service training providers. Each of these groups utilize MITN for different business and personnel transactions such as:

  • pre-enrollment testing of academy candidates;
  • pre-enrollment standards screening of academy candidates;
  • academy enrollment;
  • academy candidate tracking and performance;
  • license examination performance;
  • standards screening of licensing candidates;
  • activation and maintenance of the law enforcement license;
  • law enforcement officer employment tracking (notifications of hiring and separations from law enforcement employment);
  • agency registration for the Law Enforcement Distribution;
  • registration of in-service training;
  • in-service training course listing and search service;
  • in-service training participation by law enforcement officers; and,
  • status inquiries by authorized MCOLES Network users on matters such as licensing histories, law enforcement employment history, or in-service training records

Developed for, and in cooperation with, the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards by Peraton, Helena MT. 

Copyright 2003 Peraton and the State of Michigan. All rights reserved. 

No part of this copyrighted work may be reproduced, modified or distributed in any form or by any means or stored in any database or retrieval system without the prior written permission of Peraton and the State of Michigan. Violation of copyright carries civil and criminal penalties.