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How do I apply for a LEOSA

The application process consists of the following 4 steps: 

  1. Fingerprint scan
  2. Application to MCOLES
  3. Meeting the active duty firearms standard
  4. Approval from MCOLES
Step 1: Fingerprint Scan

Former law enforcement officers seeking to obtain certification are required to submit to a fingerprint-based identification and a criminal history search in the initial application. Please note that fingerprinting is not required for renewal applications. Applicants must obtain a fingerprint scan for a criminal records check. Applicants may obtain the scan at their local sheriff’s office, local law enforcement agency, or the law enforcement agency with which they were formerly employed, if such agencies have Live Scan capabilities and are willing to test “applicants.” The Michigan State Police will NOT do the fingerprinting. Private vendors may be used as well. Print cards will not be accepted.

For a list of private fingerprint vendors, go to

Applicants should call ahead to the location where they may want to be fingerprinted to determine if the location will do “applicant” fingerprinting and that they are capable of coding the “Reason for Fingerprinting” as “RLE,” (NOT “CCW”). Not all Live Scan locations will do applicant fingerprinting. All the approved private vendors will do applicant fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting Fees: The federal charge is $19.25; the state charge is $30.00; and the private vendor charge is $ 13.50. County and local law enforcement agencies are permitted to set their own fees.

Applicants MUST complete the fingerprint form RI-030 Livescan Fingerprint Request and submit the form to the law enforcement agency or private Livescan vendor where prints are being taken. YOU MUST CONTACT MCOLES AT 517-636-7868 FOR THIS FORM. IT WILL BE EMAILED OR SENT VIA U.S. MAIL. AFTER BEING PRINTED, THIS FORM MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED TO MCOLES. 

The MCOLES ID number is “77061P.” The Reason for Fingerprinting is “RLE.”

Results of the print check will be automatically forwarded to MCOLES. Print cards will not be accepted. Obtain a copy of the completed “Live Scan Fingerprint Request” form as proof of fingerprinting. The photocopy must accompany the completed, signed application form.

Questions regarding this process can be directed to MCOLES at 517-636-7868.

Step 2: Application Packet

The applicant shall submit a complete application packet to MCOLES. The application packet must include:

  • The completed and signed Application For Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Certification
  • An agency letter on the agency’s letterhead signed by an authorized representative of the agency with which the applicant was formerly employed by. The letter MUST conform to the sample former employer letter in all respects. Letters that do not conform to the MCOLES template will be rejected and render the application defective.
  • A passport quality photograph, which shall be: taken alone, taken within the last 6 months, with an image from bottom of chin to top of head, of between 1 and 1 3/8 inches. The photo must be clear, front view, full face, taken without a hat or dark glasses, with a white background. For certification renewals, a new photograph is required every 5 years.
  • A photocopy of the proof of fingerprinting.
  • A photocopy of the driver’s license or state ID.
  • The application fee of $35.00—checks made payable to the “State of Michigan.”

The applicant will be notified via U.S. mail by MCOLES when the application has been approved.

Step 3: Firearms Course of Fire and Knowledge Testing

The applicant should contact a Training/Test Center to schedule training and testing. For a list of available training and testing dates see the LEOSA Training/Testing Schedule.

The applicant is required to:

  • Pay the Training/Testing Center fee of $95.00.
  • Provide their own handgun and ammunition (50 rounds, in the event of the need for a re- test) for qualification.

The applicant shall demonstrate compliance with Michigan’s active duty firearm standard at an MCOLES approved regional Training / Test Center. The active duty standard consists of two equally important components: a) an educational component, which consists of seven behaviorally based outcomes and a test (decision-making) and b) a standard course of fire (mechanical skills).

The educational component of the active duty firearm standard consists of the following:

  • The appropriate use of deadly force.
  • Assessing a life-threatening situation.
  • Employing sound safety tactics.
  • Appropriately discharging a firearm in a life-threatening situation.
  • The requirements of LEOSA and civilian carry laws.

The course of fire consists of 25 rounds of ammunition, using a standard academy target, at the following distances:

  • 2-yards (6 rounds)
  • 3 yards (6 rounds)
  • 4 / 7 yards (2 targets, 10 rounds)
  • 10 yards (3 rounds)

Remedial training is recommended in the event of a failure. One retest will be allowed during the test session. Failure on the retest will require scheduling a second training and testing session and payment of a second fee to the training and testing center.

Step 4: Processing Application

Test results from the regional Training/Test Center will be sent to MCOLES for further processing. MCOLES will ensure that all requirements have been met. Upon successful compliance, a LEOSA certificate/identification card will be mailed to the retiree, which is valid for one year.