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LEOSA Renewal Process

The application renewal process consists of the following 3 steps: 

  1. Application to MCOLES
  2. Meeting the active duty firearms standard
  3. Approval from MCOLES
Step 1: Application Packet

A qualified retiree who wishes to renew their LEOSA certification shall mail all of the below to MCOLES:

You will receive a letter from MCOLES advising you if you have been approved for renewal.

NOTE: Applicants for renewal do NOT have to be re-fingerprinted nor is another employment verification letter required. Since re-fingerprinting is not required, applicants should remember that the law requires that MCOLES be notified if the applicant has been arrested since first fingerprinting for the LEOSA program.

Step 2: Firearms Course of Fire and Knowledge Testing

The applicant should contact a Training/Test Center to schedule training and testing. For a list of available training and testing dates see the LEOSA Training/Testing Schedule.

The applicant is required to:

  • Pay the Training/Testing Center fee of $95.00.
  • Provide their own handgun and ammunition (50 rounds, in the event of the need for a re- test) for qualification.

The applicant shall demonstrate compliance with Michigan’s active duty firearm standard at an MCOLES approved regional Training / Test Center. The active duty standard consists of two equally important components: a) an educational component, which consists of seven behaviorally based outcomes and a test (decision-making) and b) a standard course of fire (mechanical skills).

The educational component of the active duty firearm standard consists of the following:

  • The appropriate use of deadly force.
  • Assessing a life-threatening situation.
  • Employing sound safety tactics.
  • Appropriately discharging a firearm in a life-threatening situation.
  • The requirements of LEOSA and civilian carry laws.

The course of fire consists of 25 rounds of ammunition, using a standard academy target, at the following distances:

  • 2-yards (6 rounds)
  • 3 yards (6 rounds)
  • 4 / 7 yards (2 targets, 10 rounds)
  • 10 yards (3 rounds)

Remedial training is recommended in the event of a failure. One retest will be allowed during the test session. Failure on the retest will require scheduling a second training and testing session and payment of a second fee to the training and testing center.

Step 3: Processing Application

Test results from the regional Training/Test Center will be sent to MCOLES for further processing. MCOLES will ensure that all requirements have been met. Upon successful compliance, a LEOSA certificate/identification card will be mailed to the retiree, which is valid for one year.