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12.11: Maintaining business contact information

12.11: Maintaining business contact information

The Web Administrator maintains the business contact (Business Official, Human Resources, Superintendent, Administrator, Escalation, Technical, Other) information for your reporting unit, using the Work with Contacts link in the Things to Do menu. A Web Administrator can create, edit, delete, and replace business contacts.

Note: To work with web user accounts please refer to sections 12.06 through 12.09.

To add, modify, or delete a business contact:

  1. Click Work with Contacts in the Things to Do menu. The Employer Contacts screen opens.


  1. Click the Add a New Employer Contact link, or the link next to the name of the contact you wish to modify or delete.

Add New Contact

  1. Enter or edit the contact information on the Employer Contacts Detail Screen. When the contact information is complete and correct, click Save. You will be returned to the Employer Contacts screen. You cannot edit or change the contact name. To replace one person with another, see the next step.
Contact Details
  1. To replace one person with another, first open the Employee Contact Details screen for the old contact and click Delete. Then return to Step 2 to add the new name and contact information.
 Contact details delete

 Last updated: 11/16/2021