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14.00: Programming

14.00: Programming

This chapter is intended for technical support staff or Service Center staff (if you use an external vendor) who assist payroll staff in creating payroll report files to be uploaded to ORS. If your reporting unit chooses to upload payroll report files, the file format must meet ORS requirement. Format codes and file layouts for each section of the payroll report are explained in this chapter.

In addition, this chapter explains the process of edits and validations that the ORS system runs on report files, which flags and suspends records for the employer to correct before posting.

The file should include all the data that has been added or changed since the last file was created.

Each payroll report file has three sections:

  • Header
  • DTL records: DTL1, DTL2, DTL3 and DTL4
  • Footer

Each section contains filler (or spaces) at the end of each section or record. This isn't required, but it may be used if your software requires that you send records that have a fixed length.

All values must be entered in the correct record position. Enter zeros where numeric fields are not needed and spaces where alphanumeric fields and zip codes are not needed. Enter preceding zeros if a numeric field is not long enough to fill the entire record position, and enter spaces to the end of an alphanumeric field that is not long enough to fill the entire record position.

A carriage return and line feed are required at the end of each record, except at the end of the footer. The footer should not end with a carriage return.


Last updated: 04/13/2012