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Mandatory Annual Registration Overview

The MCOLES Annual Registration is a unified process that handles statutorily mandated MCOLES reporting requirements specified in MCL 28.609 through 28.609d for law enforcement agencies, as well as the voluntary registration for the Law Enforcement Distribution (LED). Participation in the MCOLES Annual Registration is mandatory for every Michigan law enforcement agency. 

The MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MCOLES Network) must be used to complete the MCOLES Annual Registration. 

There are five mandatory components in the MCOLES Annual Registration process. They are: 

The agency profile identifies the agency head and provides MCOLES with current contact information, such as the agency address and telephone numbers. The MITN Operator verification identifies anyone who has MITN access for your agency. The officer roster verification identifies every licensed law enforcement officer employed by the agency during the prior calendar year. The reporting compliance with the Active Duty Firearms Standard will indicate that officers have met the Active Duty Firearms Standard for the 2017 calendar year. The report of hours worked collects the actual hours worked by each law enforcement officer employed by the agency during the reporting period. 

In addition, to the mandatory components listed above, agencies must also complete the LED registration component in order to enter expenditures from the previous year and register for the new year. So long as the agency's officer is listed on the in-service training course roster, the training events will pre-populate on the page and agencies will only need to enter the amount of LED funds expended for that course.  

LED payments will only be authorized for MCOLES licensed law enforcement officers named on your agency roster!