Webinars and Seminars

  • You may think that you’ll learn about retirement when the time comes. The reality is that retirement will be here sooner than you think. You’re at an ideal place in your career to learn about your retirement plan and be confident in your knowledge and the decisions you’ll make for your future following public school employment. Attending one of the presentations below will help you get started.

    Pre-Retirement Information Meeting (PRIM):
    For members expecting to retire within five years

    A PRIM lasts about two hours and is an opportunity for members expecting to retire within five years to learn more about their retirement plan so they can make informed decisions about their future.
    Topics include:
    • Choosing a pension payment option
    • Eligibility requirements
    • Calculating retirement benefits
    • Insurance after retirement
    • Questions and answers

    You might wish to download the Retirement Readiness book to review before the meeting begins.

    Check the upcoming PRIM schedule

    Picture Your Future (PYF):
    Advancing on Your Road to Retirement Readiness

    These two-hour workshops are for members hired before July 1, 2010 and are six to ten years from retirement.

    Topics include:
    • Importance of early planning
    • Time value of money and compounding
    • Social Security
    • Sources of retirement income
    • Setting goals and developing a plan
    Check the upcoming PYF schedule

    Note: If the facility is closed due to inclement weather or for any other reason, the meeting is canceled.

    Check back often as new dates are added throughout the season.