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  • You may think that you’ll learn about retirement when the time comes. The reality is that retirement will be here sooner than you think. You’re at an ideal place in your career to learn about your retirement plan and be confident in your knowledge and the decisions you’ll make for your future following public school employment. Attending one of the presentations below will help you get started.

Planning Your Retirement (PYR) workshop:
For members expecting to retire within five years

The Planning Your Retirement workshop is designed for Michigan public school employees in the defined benefit pension plan first hired before July 1, 2010, who are within five years of retirement.

As you’re nearing the end of your career as a Michigan public school employee, your retirement plan is more important than ever. Now is the time to evaluate your plan to ensure a smooth transition into retirement. An Office of Retirement Services (ORS) representative will be on hand to present the Planning Your Retirement Workshop and answer your questions.

If you attend, you’ll receive a workbook and instructions about:

  • Meeting eligibility requirements
  • Picking your pension payment option
  • Deciding on insurance
  • Reviewing your plans, choosing a retirement date, and applying for retirement
  • Adjusting to retirement

To prepare for this workshop and to aid in your retirement planning, we encourage you to create a pension estimate in miAccount. Your pension estimate contains essential information you’ll want at your fingertips during the workshop: your benefit structure, your retirement insurance plan, and your pension payment options. 

After attending this interactive workshop, you’ll feel more confident, in control, and ready for the next steps in your retirement journey.

Please note: The content for this meeting includes that of our old Preretirement Information Meeting, and more.

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Picture Your Future (PYF): Advancing on Your Road to Retirement Readiness
For members expecting to retire within 6 to 10 years

If you attend, you’ll receive a workbook and instructions about:

  • The importance of early retirement planning
  • The time value of money and compounding interest
  • Sources of retirement income
  • Setting goals and developing a written plan

After attending this interactive workshop, you’ll feel more informed and prepared to balance your priorities and build the retirement lifestyle you want.

Please note: This presentation is geared towards those Michigan public school employees in the defined benefit pension plan hired before July 1, 2010 and who have six to ten years to work before they retire. If you are retiring in the next few months, next year, or two to five years from now, you might consider attending the Planning Your Retirement presentation listed on this page instead.

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All our meetings are accessible as defined by guidelines set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Individuals who need visual, hearing, written, or other assistance, to effectively participate, may contact at least ten (10) days before the event to request an accommodation. Please include the meeting date and time along with your contact information.

Please Note: If the facility is closed due to inclement weather or for any other reason, the meeting is canceled.

Check back often as new dates may be added throughout the season.