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Working After You Retire

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Michigan Office of Retirement Services

Working After You Retire


Public Act 184 of 2022 simplified the working after retirement rules for Michigan public school retirees. As a result, the Working After Retirement Pension Impact Estimator is no longer needed. We’ve removed it from our website and replaced it with the graphic above. 

For a written summary that highlights the rules regarding returning to work as a retiree for any employer, read through What Every Retiree Needs to Know Before Returning to Work. It outlines whether or not the work you choose to do will have any effect on your public school pension and premium subsidy benefit.

What does this mean for new retirees? It affects when you can return to work at a Michigan public school reporting unit with no impact on your pension or insurance premium subsidy. For example, if you retire effective July 1, following a bona fide termination, you can return no sooner than April 1 of the following year with no impact to your pension or insurance premium subsidy.

For direct information, you can review the full law here. You may want to go here if you want to know the exact language used in the retirement law. 

What Every Retiree Needs To Know Before Returning To Work