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Your Member Statement

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Michigan Office of Retirement Services

Your Member Statement

Your Member Statement

Access your Member Statement in miAccount to review your wage, service credit (earned, pending, and purchased), interest, and Defined Benefit (DB) pension contribution details.

To learn more about your retirement plan, explore the About Your Plan and Service Credit: Earning and Purchasing sections.

Review the frequently asked questions below or use this chart to direct your questions.

Who to Contact


Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS)
  • Service credit account totals.
  • Contributions and interest account totals.
  • Beneficiary information.
Your payroll office
  • Name and/or address changes.
  • Tax-deferred payment agreement information.
  • Date of birth changes.
  • Wage information.
  • Fiscal year totals.

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Reprinting Your Member Statement

1. Can I get a copy of statements from past years?

No, we cannot provide you with previous years' statements. However, you can view and print your service information when you log in to miAccount and click the Service Credit tab.

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Wages and Employer Information

1. I earned more than what is reported on my Member Statement. Why is there a difference?

You may have earned compensation that is not reportable for retirement purposes. These earnings would not be credited in the calculation of your final average compensation or used to calculate the cost of service credit. For example, wages, annual leave, sick leave, merit pay, longevity, and overtime pay are types of income reported to ORS. However, bonus payments, sabbatical wages, and expense payments are examples of income not reported to us. If you have questions about what was reported, contact your employer.

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2. I worked for more than one employer during the fiscal year. Do my wages reflect my earnings from all my employers?

Yes. Wages reported in your Member Statement reflect your earnings from all employers during the fiscal year, including any employers not listed on your statement. Log in to miAccount and click the Member Statement tab.

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Service Credit and TDP Information

1. I worked over 1,020 hours. Why wasn't I credited for a full year of service?

Your employer reports all wages and hours to ORS. However, there are legislative limits to the amount of service we can credit in a period. For example, we cannot credit more than 60 hours if you're paid biweekly, 396 hours/quarter, or 1,020 hours/year. You may have worked your hours faster than the law allows us to credit service. For more information, go to Earning Service Credit.

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2. I am currently repaying a refund of contributions so I can restore service credit. Is the time I'm buying reflected anywhere on this statement?

The service credit that you are repaying is not reflected in your statement because no service credit is granted until the refund is repaid in full.

However, if you are repaying your refund of contributions with a tax-deferred payment (TDP) agreement, any activity on your agreement (including the service that will be credited once the repayment is paid in full) is reflected.

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3. Does the total amount include all of the service credit I've purchased?

Yes, if you are vested (have more than 10 years of service). If you are not yet vested, purchased service is listed as pending.

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4. The amount I've paid on my TDP agreement doesn't seem to match what's listed. How can I verify this?
Remember, posting of reports from your employer could take 10 or more business days. Check miAccount to see what has been reported. If your account is up to date and the amounts appear off or if you have established an agreement and deductions have not started, please contact your employer.

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5. Why was interest charged to my TDP agreement?

If your TDP agreement was established on or after Jan. 1, 2004, and has been in effect for one full year, you are charged 8% interest annually on the balance as of June 30 until your agreement is paid in full. For more information, go to Purchasing With a Tax-Deferred Payment (TDP).

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