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PA 141 and Working After Retirement FAQs

When does time start for a critical shortage position?

The first day you begin working in a critical shortage position the time clock starts. From that point, you’ll have no more than three cumulative years, or until July 1, 2021, whichever comes first.

How do I measure the time I’ve been working for a critical shortage position?

Log in to miAccount and access the Critical Shortage calculator, which shows the amount of time you’ve worked for a critical shortage position and the time remaining that you can work without earnings limits.

What are the School Renewal Coach or High Impact Leadership Facilitator positions?

Retired after June 30, 2010 and on or before May 1, 2018 with a bona fide termination, is employed directly by a reporting unit as a School Renewal Coach or High Impact Leadership Facilitator as part of a school leadership support program that is funded by a federal grant awarded before May 1, 2018 and meets the following requirements:

  • Employed as part of a program that supports teams of school principals and teacher leaders in elementary schools by doing all of the following:
    • Providing intense professional development and support, and money, for renewal projects for teams of school leaders in a number of project schools that are implementing a set of new literacy essentials.
    • Placing a trained team of School Renewal Coaches or High Impact Leadership Facilitators in each project school.
    • Providing a lower level of professional development support and funding for leaders in additional schools.
    • Applying a set of proven school leadership practices for school renewal and sustainable implementation.
    • Providing training, support, and oversight for the school renewal coaches or high impact leadership facilitators as a coordinator or supervisor of that work.

Updated May 14, 2018