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10.04.03: Submitting a TDP adjustment

10.04.03: Submitting a TDP adjustment

You can adjust a previously reported tax-deferred payment (TDP) deduction for a specific pay period by creating an adjustment record for the employee using the appropriate record type. Adjustments can only be made for prior pay periods.

Wage Code 05 indicates a positive adjustment to one pay period for one employee. Wage Code 06 indicates a negative adjustment to one pay period for one employee. These adjustments are submitted on the Detail 3 (DTL3) record.

Positive and negative TDP adjustments are broken down by pay period. A TDP adjustment can be made for only one pay period at a time. If multiple pay periods need to be adjusted, you must submit a separate DTL3 record for each pay period.

These wage codes can also be found in section 13.03 Detail 3 records - TDP adjustment record type codes and deduction reason codes.

Important notes:
If you have a TDP adjustment that is needed for a report prior to Oct. 1, 2002, the detail must be forwarded to ORS to make the adjustment. Those adjustments cannot be done by you via the web reporting process. If you submit a TDP adjustment for a pay period before April 1, 2005, and you cannot get the record to post correctly, please contact Employer Reporting for assistance at 800-381-5111 or

Last updated: 12/27/2018