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MCOLES 2021 Grant Applications and Funding Recommendations

Click on the Project Title to view the complete application.  Click on the Staff Analysis and Recommendations link for the summary document. Combined documents may also be downloaded below.

 Commission Number Applicant  Project Title  Requested Grant Funding  Recommended 
Reductions/Comments   Staff Analysis and
ADJ-01 Michigan Judicial Institute Court Support: Supervisors and Staff Training $45,000.00 $45,000.00   Analysis
LE-01 Grand Valley State University 360° Behavioral Health For Law Enforcement $25,055.12 $25,055.12   Analysis
LE-02 Grand Valley State University Police Precision Driving $56,946.20 $52,066.40 Reduction of $4,879.80 from correction of the number of hours used in the calculation of administrative costs for personnel. Analysis
LE-03 Ingham County Sheriff's Office Captial Area Emergency Vehicle Operation Program $87,226.03 $87,069.44 Reduction of $156.59 from correction of the number of vehicles used in the calculation of vehicle expenses in supplies and operating. Analysis
LE-04 Michigan State Police Computer Crimes Unit Building Forensic & Investigative Capacity in Technology $96,127.66 $96,127.66   Analysis
LE-05 Monroe County Sheriff's Office FY 2021 Monroe County Annual Training Plan $26,328.00 $26,328.00   Analysis
LE-06 Northern Michigan University Law Enforcement Training Competitive Grant 2021 $158,917.32 $158,917.32   Analysis
SPEC-01  Michigan State Police
Forensic Science Division
Forensic Science Training $508,812.50 $446,514.00 Reductions of $52,298.50 for adjustments to travel expenses and $10,000 for tuition Analysis
    TOTAL $1,004,412.83 $937,077.94    

Download Documents:

Table of Grant Requests and Recommendations
Combined Staff Analyses and Recommendations
Combined Grant Applications Part 1
Combined Grant Applications Part 2