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    "Building Bridges to Success" by providing real opportunities for Michigan adults in custody, educating and empowering them to become law-abiding, tax paying citizens through successful work skills training.    


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MSI License Plate - Video

LPH Prisoner Sucess Video

  • LPH-Prisoner Success Video


Reentry Success!!

  • LPH-Prisoner Success Content

    Fred & Donna Kostrick are owners of a unique shop known as "License Plate Heaven".  Old scrap license plates are renewed and given a new life as a host of new and very fun promotional products.  A visit and tour to the MSI License Plate Operation inspired the owners to create a 501(c)3 non-profit to help paroling inmates get a fresh start in life.  Former prisoner Mr. Sims featured in the video successfully gained employment with the company and has become one of their most valuable employees.  The video was created as part of the 2020 NCIA Webinar presentation topic on Awards, Recognition and Promotional Products presented by MSI License Plate Manager, Will Rondeau, Industries Production Leader, Joseph Downard, and Marketing Specialist, Tujauna (TJ) White. 

Personalized Plates for National Guard

Expressing Gratitude

  • NG Hero Testers Content

    The National Guard assisted with mass testing of prisoners and staff Covid-19 swab and antibody testing at Gus Harrison Correctional.  The Gus Harrison CF staff and surrounding area had the opportunity to get tested and ARF found a great way to express the gratitude we all feel for the Guard's continued partnership and support. The MSI License Plate factory made each officer a personalized license plate. Shout out to Will Rondeau, MSI License Plate Manager and his MSI team for providing a creative and one-of-a-kind thank you on behalf of all of us at the MDOC. 

NG Hero Testers Image

  • NG Hero Testers Image

Back-To-School Printing Services

Schools Flyer Image

  • Schools Flyer Image

Plan Projects Now!!

  • Schools Flyer Content

    Back to School 2020 presents new challenges and opportunities. The MSI Print Shop is ready to assist you in preparing a wide range of materials to support your programs.  To support your COVID-19 protocols, we can produce creative posters, brochures and fliers clearly presenting the safety  measures you have devised.  To support your expanded in-school and at-home educational programs we can produce worksheets, workbooks, booklets and other course-specific materials. Any quantity, large or small.  And to support your communication efforts we can prepare newsletters and other tools to keep your families informed and engaged.  Click on image to view School Printing Services Flyer.  
    Contact MSI Sales Dept. Today at (517) 335-3771. 

MSI Yard Signage

Yard Signage for Schools

  • HLS Content

    (Right): The MSI Sign Operation saved the day for Holt Lutheran School’s 8th Grade Graduation celebration held Thursday, May 28th, 2020 as a "Drive-By" event.  Principal Chelsea Speers was very happy and appreciative to receive the signage, hand delivered by MSI Administrator Chris Kamrada.  They were amazed at the quick turnaround and the extra special touch the signs gave to the festivities.  Thanks to Wayne Devenbaugh, Delbert Bolesky, and Staff at the MSI Sign Shop for the exceptional work!  MSI Yard Signage is perfect to build school community among staff, parents, and students.  If students live in an area where lawns might not be an option – these make great window cling signs as well to send with a parent/guardian for those living in apartments!  
    Note: Quantity Pricing Breaks Available!!  Call MSI Today (517) 335-3771 or Email: msisales@michigan.gov.

    • Product #COROPLAST-24x18 (Single-Sided) - $15.50 ea. 
    • Product #COROPLAST-24x18DS (Double-Sided) - $22.50 ea.
    • Window Cling Signage (Stickers) - $4.50 per square foot. (Your Desired Graphics/Text)

HLS Yard Sign Image

  • HLS Image

Hero Yard Signs-Image

  • Hero Image


  • Hero Yard Sign Content

    (Left): Jeffrey Clark, MSI Chippewa Garment Factory Manager presented HERO YARD SIGNS to Warden Catherine Bauman, Newberry CF and Warden Connie Horton, Chippewa CF.  Jeff traveled across the U.P. to distribute and place the signage on the MDOC facility grounds.  The MSI Sign Operation created the HERO signs for delivery to each MDOC location across the state including FOA Field Service Offices.  MSI would like to show our appreciation to all of the MDOC men and women staff members, custody and non-custody who are on the front lines working hard each and everyday to keep staff and prisoners safe.  

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Employee Club

Promotional Products

  • Employee Club Image

Fundraising & Promotional Products

  • Employee Club & Promotional Products

    MSI offers a wide range of Custom, Specialty, Fundraising, and Promotional Products for MDOC Employee Clubs, State Agencies, and 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organizations.  Specialty products include school and business booster fundraising plates, coasters, novelty bird houses, bags, hats, laser-cut wood products such as desk nameplates, kitchen cutting boards, and lazy Susan's.  The shop also offers custom vinyl products (binders/notebooks), acrylic awards, plaques and nametags. 

    (Left:) Governor Gretchen Whitmer, MDOC Director Heidi Washington and MSI Administrator Christopher Kamrada discuss MSI specialty products during the Governors visit to GVP Central Office. 



Apparel Panel


  • Apparel

    MSI has provided MDOC, 501(c)3 Organizations and State agencies with quality products and services for over 50 years.  MSI garment operations manufacture MDOC uniforms, prisoner clothing and a variety of other products. The range of its capabilities includes safety apparel, coats, jackets; jumpsuits; coveralls; overalls; rainwear; ballistic/tactical, and maintenance apparel; county jail clothing; pajamas; healthcare scrubs; uniform shirts and trousers, and t-shirts.  Additionally, the garment operations produce briefcases; duffle bags; ERT team bags; robotic arm covers; infant supplies; embroidery and American flags. 

    (Right:)  Governor Gretchen Whitmer and MDOT employees examine a local bridge wearing MSI Safety Surveyor Vests. 


Apparel Image

  • Apparel Image

MSI Administrator, Christopher Kamrada

Chris Kamrada Image

  • Chris Kamrada Image

Administrator Kamrada

  • Chris Kamrada Content

    Christopher Kamrada was appointed Administrator of Michigan State Industries (MSI) on April 8th, 2018.  Kamrada earned his Accounting and Finance degree in 1992 and began his professional career as the Financial Controller of an office supply corporation in the upper peninsula of Michigan the following year.  He was an MP (Military Police) in the U.S. Army at Fort MacLellan Alabama, and continued serving his country as a member of both the Ohio and Michigan National Guard.

    Kamrada looks forward to the opportunity to improve MSI's Culture and its relationship with MDOC and the Legislature.  With a strong financial background, a LEAN management philosophy, and a servant leader mentality, Kamrada's management style empowers staff to improve their operations and communicate effectively at all levels of the organization.  He is married to his wife of 28 years and has three children.  Chris Kamrada also serves on the National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA) Board of Directors and Chairman for the Central Michigan Region. 

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2021 - 2019 Administrator Coin Awards

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