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Social Distancing Signs

Social Distance Signage Banner
Michigan State Industries

Social Distancing Signs

Keep A Safe Distance

As social distancing becomes the new normal, businesses have an important role in reminding everyone of healthy practices.  Use social distancing signs as visual cues and reminders for people to distance themselves from others! These signs encourage workers to "Social Distance", "Keep A Safe Distance", "Wear Your Mask" and more.  Made from durable materials like Aluminum Reflective or Coroplast Plastic, social distancing signs were made to withstand elements such as water, chemicals, and UV light, both indoors and outdoors. Don’t see the social distancing sign you need? 
Our professional graphics design team will create a specific sign to suit your unique workplace; call MSI Sales Dept. today at (517) 335-3771 and we will customize signs for no extra charge.

Notice-Social Distancing Area Sign-Web Panel

Social Distance - 6ft Apart-web          
Product# Size: Price:
12X18AR-COVID-SD 12"X18" (Aluminum Reflective) $22.50 ea.
12X18PL-COVID-SD 12"X18" (Plastic) $14.95 ea.
(Quantity Breaks at 10 or More)
12X18AR-COVID-SD 12"X18" (Aluminum Reflective) $15.55 ea.
12X18PL-COVID-SD 12"X18" (Plastic) $12.95 ea.

Social Distance Sign - Keep A Safe Distance

  Product# Size:  Price:   
12X12AR-COVID-SD  12"X12" (Aluminum Reflective) $15.40 ea. 
12X12PL-COVID-SD  12"X12" (Plastic)   $12.95 ea.
 (Quantity Breaks at 10 or More) 
12X12AR-COVID-SD   12"X12" (Aluminum Reflective)  $7.95 ea.
12X12PL-COVID-SD   12"X12" (Plastic)    $9.95 ea.


Social Distance Sign-Wear Your Mask
Product# Size: Price:
12X18AR-COVID-WYM 12"X18"(Aluminum Reflective) $22.50 ea.
12X18PL-COVID-WYM 12"X18" (Plastic) $14.95 ea.
(Quantity Breaks at 10 or More)
12X18AR-COVID-WYM 12"X18" (Aluminum Reflective) $15.55 ea.
12X18PL-COVID-WYM 12"X18" (Plastic) $12.95 ea.

Social Distance Area 6ft Sign-Web

  Product#  Size:  Price:  
18X12AR-COVID-SD  18"X12" (Aluminum Reflective)  $22.50 ea. 
18X12PL-COVID-SD  18"X12" (Plastic)    $14.95 ea.  
 (Quantity Breaks at 10 or More)
18X12AR-COVID-SD  18"X12" (Aluminum Reflective)   $15.55 ea.
18"X12" (Plastic)   $12.95 ea.


Floor Decal - Social Distance


Note: Produced with a high-quality floor grade laminate to increase Durability, Traction, and Longevity!!
Additional Sizes Available, Call For Quote:  MSI Sales Dept. (517) 335-3771

Product# Size: Price:
16"X16"  $10.95 ea.