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Garment Operations

Carson City Garment
Michigan State Industries

Garment Operations

Garment Operations

The MSI Garment Factories produce clothing and accessory items that address a wide range of climatic and utilitarian requirements, from uniforms to safety wear to garments for county jails, hospitals, specific industries and institutions. 


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Garment Apparel

MSI has provided MDOC, 501(c)3 Organizations and State agencies with quality products and services for over 50 years.  MSI garment operations manufacture MDOC uniforms, prisoner clothing and a variety of other products. The range of its capabilities includes safety apparel, coats, jackets; jumpsuits; coveralls; overalls; rainwear; ballistic/tactical, and maintenance apparel; county jail clothing; pajamas; healthcare scrubs; uniform shirts and trousers, and t-shirts.  Additionally, the garment operations produce briefcases; duffle bags; ERT team bags; robotic arm covers; infant supplies; embroidery and American flags. 

(Left:)  Governor Gretchen Whitmer and MDOT employees examine a local bridge wearing MSI Safety Surveyor Vests.