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Staff Awards & Events

MSI Staff Events-Rec Day
Michigan State Industries

Staff Awards & Events

Operations Response to COVID-19 Video

Operations Response to COVID-19

We are very proud of MSI Factory Operations efforts to retool and gear up to assist in the COVID-19 fight!  EVERYONE has been working around the clock to help in every way possible and we can't thank you all enough for what you have accomplished in such a short period of time!!  We are an AWESOME TEAM as can be seen in the following video.  A HUGE Thank-You to the following MSI Operations: Bellamy Creek Sign Shop, Carson City Garment, Chippewa Garment, Ionia Garment, Cotton CF Mattress & Print Shop, Parnall CF Janitorial, and Gus Harrison License Plate.  

2022-2021 NCIA National Training Conferences (Louisville Ky, Indianapolis Indiana)

NCIA - April 2022 - Churchill Downs

Staff Visits Churchill Downs Stadium, Louisville KY

NCIA Conf Speaker-Chad-Deann

MSI Administrative Staff and Kentucky Conference Speaker (Center)

2021 Indy-NCIA-GSS and MSI Staff

MSI Team visit GSS Team at Indy Training Conference

2021 Indy-NCIA-Training Conference

MSI Team attend Indy Training Conference

2021 Indy-NCIA-MSI Staff Banquet

MSI Team attends Awards Banquet, Indy Conference

NCIA Conf-Slugger Factory5

Slugger Manufacturing Floor Louisville, KY

NCIA Conf-Slugger Factory2

Slugger Factory Operation, Louisville KY

NCIA Conf-Slugger Factory4

Chad Guthrie, MSI Sales & Serv Mgr. visits KY Slugger Factory

Madyson MDOC Award

MDOC Professional Excellence Award

Madyson Taylor was the recipient of the 2019 MDOC Professional Excellence Award!!  Madyson stepped up to the challenge and took the initiative and tirelessly worked with top rank financial staff from both the Department and DTMB to develop the protocols and processes to perform many complex transactions that were required to adjust our ledgers during the SIGMA implementation.  This work effort was challenging and difficult to comprehend, but Madyson was committed to see it through, and ensured our needs of accurate financial reporting were met.  Great Job Madyson!

NCIA Staff Honor Roll Award

Margret Leisinger was the recipient of the 2019 NCIA Staff Honor Roll Award.  Margret was recognized by the NCIA (National Correctional Industries Association) for her commitment to excellence and for the pride and ownership she takes in her work each and every day.  Margret is a highly valued asset to our organization and an integral part of our MSI team.  In summary,  "Margret does Great Work and Cares about the Organization and its People!"  Thank you Margret for all that you do and congratulations on your Honor Roll recognition for the Central Region, Michigan representative.



MSI Award-Margret

2019 National Training Conference, MN Minnesota

Bank Stadium MN-Panel Pic3

Aerial View of Vikings Field House, MN Minnesota

Dean McGregor-Panel Pic

Dean McGregor, MDOC Specialist Voc. Village Presentation

Deann & Supplier

Deann Gallagher, MSI Operations Mgr. Visiting with a Supplier

Greg Dancer-Panel Pic

Greg Dancer, MSI Admin (Acting), NCIA Log Cabin Winner!

Matt Yeager-Panel Pic

Matt Yeager, Optical Trades (ARF) Offender Success Presentation

Chris and Men Staff MN-Panel Pic

MSI Team Players at NCIA Conference

MSI Team at Stadium

MSI Team Tour Vikings Bank Stadium

Bank Stadium 1

U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN

MSI Administrator Coin Awards

Madyson Admin Coin Award Pic

(2021) Madyson Taylor, Administrative Mgr., CO

Paul Perez Admin Coin

(2021) Paul Perez, IPL, Brooks Laundry (LRF)

Jeff Roe Admin Coin Award

(2021) Jeff Roe, IPL, License Plate (ARF)

TJ White Admin Award-2020

(2020) TJ White, Sales, MSI GVP Central Office

Admin Coin Award-Deann Gallagher

(2020) Deann Gallagher, MSI Operations Mgr.

Rondeau Admin Award

(2019) Will Rondeau, (Retired) Plates (ARF)

Chad Guthrie Award Pic-Revised12-22-20

(2019) Chad Guthrie, Sales/Service Mgr. CO

Tom Fegan Admin Coin

(2019) Tom Fegan, Mgr.  Laundry Operation (LRF)

Chuck Beltz-Admin Coin Award

(2019) Chuck Beltz, (Retired) Sign Shop (IBC)