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MDOC Vocational Villages

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MDOC Vocational Villages

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Building A Foundation For The Future 

Vocational Villages have been created with the goal of providing a positive learning experience for adults in custody who are  serious about completing career and technical education. 

More About MDOC Vocational Villages

Vocational Village Trades Programs

To promote an atmosphere of learning, students enrolled in Career and Technical Education are housed in a common unit together with Pell Grant college enrollees. By housing these individuals who share the common goal of improving their lives through education together, we create a more positive, productive environment that promotes cooperative discussions, study sessions and leisure time activities.  At full capacity, MDOC’s two Vocational Villages can accommodate 270 vocational trade students, 68 vocational trade tutors, 12 building trade tutors, and 185 Pell Grant students, totaling 535 adults in custody.  66% of students that have paroled out of this program recently have successfully found meaningful employment in their chosen field. 

  • Providing opportunities for adults in custody to learn marketable trade skills
  • Staying on the leading edge of the trade practices we teach
  • Promoting interdisciplinary learning through a common residential experience
  • Instilling and promoting a positive work ethic
  • Realizing 0% recidivism through successful employment for Vocational Village parolees within 30 days
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