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Mattresses, Laundry Bags, Pillows, Shower Curtains & More

Michigan State Industries

Mattresses, Laundry Bags, Pillows, Shower Curtains & More

Mattress Operations

The MSI Mattress Factory employs skilled mattress builders and garment workers. Our products meet stringent governmental and industrial standards and represent an outstanding value for our customers. 


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Quality, Durability, Value

The MSI Mattress Factory produces a range of top-quality innerspring, densified polyester, foam-core and fiber-core mattresses,  including those for special needs such as pressure reduction mattresses. We can also customize our products to meet customers' unique sizes or requirements.  Our products are intended for use in confinement care, healthcare, educational, recreational or institutional environments.  Our factory also produces a wide range of  related products and garments such as mattress pads, pillows, shower curtains, washcloths, wool blankets, mesh laundry bags, jumpsuits (sizes small to 10x), maintenance wear, dog mats and beds, security garments, security blankets and security blanket beds.