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Sign Recycling Program

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Michigan State Industries

Sign Recycling Program

Reduce Your Signage Costs!!

MSI's "GREEN" Sign Recycling Program assists Michigan agencies with restoring old signs to like-new condition.  Send MSI your old, faded and discolored signs to be stripped and resurfaced!! You may be faced with the dilemma of needing to replace old signs, but not have the funds available in your budget.  As a standard practice, when those reflective aluminum street and highway signs hit the end of their useful lives, they are destined for the landfill or sold for scrap.  MSI has the ability to strip your old, but usable, discolored or faded signs.  New reflective sheeting materials are applied, providing motorist more notice and increased safety. 

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Download Sign Recycling Authorization Form

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  • Copy of Sign Recycling Authorization form MUST be attached to EACH pallet / rack of signage
  • Credit will not be received for any signs returned without prior approval / signature & paperwork
  • Signs must be in gently used condition
  • Please fill out Sign Recycling Authorization form as accurately as possible
  • Email form to MSI Sales Department at
  • Review or Download Sign Recycling Brochure
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Option #1: Receive Credit Only - credit issued for future purchases, signs inventoried and resold

Option #2: Recycle/Reprint - signage stripped and reprinted to your specifications

Option #3: Blank Returns Only - signage stripped and aluminum blanks returned