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License Plates, Fundraising

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Michigan State Industries

License Plates, Fundraising

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Fundraising Products

In addition to producing over 1.5 million license plates annually, MSI’s License Plate Factory’s creative designers and craftsmen produce a wide range of  promotional items such as awards, business boosters and employee incentives.


Plate Booster Products

The production of automotive license plates has traditionally been an operation carried out by prisoners in the various states. With the advent of specialty and vanity plates, MSI’s License Plate Factory hired graphic  designers to address the needs of various groups seeking unique plate designs.  Those same designers also develop solutions for a wide range of promotional items
produced at the factory. These include such things as school and business booster and fundraising plates, novelty bird houses, and laser-cut wood products such as desk name-plates, kitchen cutting boards, mitten clocks and  lazy-Susan's. The operation also offers custom vinyl products, acrylic awards, plaques and nametags for business or institutional needs.



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Reentry Success Story!! Video

Reentry Success Story!!

Fred & Donna Kostrick are owners of a unique shop known as "License Plate Heaven".  Old scrap license plates are renewed and given a new life as a host of new and very fun promotional products.  A visit and tour to the MSI License Plate Operation inspired the owners to create a 501(c)3 non-profit to help paroling inmates get a fresh start in life.  Former prisoner Mr. Sims featured in the video successfully gained employment with the company and has become one of their most valuable employees.  The video was created as part of the 2020 NCIA Webinar presentation topic on Awards, Recognition and Promotional Products.  (Left:) Interview with Will Rondeau, former License Plate Operations Manager Now Happily Retired!!, and a former prisoner reentry success recipient.

Expressing Gratitude

The National Guard assisted with mass testing of prisoners and staff Covid-19 swab and antibody testing at Gus Harrison Correctional.  The Gus Harrison CF staff and surrounding area had the opportunity to get tested and ARF found a great way to express the gratitude we all feel for the Guard's continued partnership and support. The MSI License Plate factory made each officer a personalized license plate. Shout out to Will Rondeau, MSI License Plate Manager and his MSI team for providing a creative and one-of-a-kind thank you on behalf of all of us at the MDOC. 

National Guard Heroes
License Plate Virtual Tour Video

License Plate Virtual Tour

In addition to producing over 1.5 million license plates annually, MSI’s License Plate Factory’s creative designers and craftsmen produce a wide range of  promotional items such as awards, business boosters and employee incentives.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss any special items our customers might want that would align with our capabilities. Consider that by engaging with the services of the MSI  License Plate Factory you will be helping  individuals develop life skills that will prepare them to become successful, productive  members of society. Through employment with MSI, prisoners at the  License Plate Factory develop both hard (industry-specific) and soft (social) skills, preparing them for employment after incarceration. 
(Left:)  Wood TV-8 Grand Rapids, MI news coverage on the License Plate Operation at Gus Harrison CF, Adrian MI.  Aired "LIVE" from the Michigan International Auto Show at the Devos Place, Grand Rapids, MI.

Read the online article here!! 

Stacey Karas-Instagram Vanity Plate Page

Custom Vanity Plates

One Happy Customer!!!  Stacey Karas shares her custom vanity plate and Instagram page with MSI.  Stacey created the Instagram page in 2016, and has tracked a host of Michiganders who love their custom vanity plates.  Mostly Grand Rapids and Metro Detroit Areas.  Check out her Instagram page below!! 


Gold Star Plates

The Gold Star License plate has been a long time coming for Valerie May.  "It's been 43 years and I hoped for something like this. I didn't think I was going to be old enough long enough to see it," she said.  1968 -- that's when Valerie's 19-year-old son Rollie died fighting in the Vietnam war. She had to spell it with just one 'L' on the plate though, to make it fit.  "He only got six months in. I don't let a day go by without thinking about him," she said.  Finally, she and other gold star mothers can share their pride and suffering. Gold star plates, stamped for the first time at MSI License Plate Operation at Gus Harrison CF in Adrian, MI, tell a story hard to put into words.


MSI Honor A Fallen Soldier license Plate