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Labels, Pails, Trigger Sprayers, Bottles (Extra)

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Michigan State Industries

Labels, Pails, Trigger Sprayers, Bottles (Extra)

The following labels are available for purchase from the MSI Sign Shop Operation.  Please include item number in the description.

Label Product# Item Description:  Price:

$0.20 per label

#8771, #8759
$0.50 per label
(Sample Labels Below)
23F-NFPA-MSI-LABELS-Secondary Chemical    23F-NFPA-MSI-LABELS-Secondary Chemical
Janitorial Pails-MDOC Recycling Batteries

Pails with Lids

  • NOTE: Can be used for MDOC Recycling Program - Battery Bucket
Product# Price:
Product #29F-8856-PAIL      $8.95
29F-8857- PAIL (FLOURINATED $9.81 
Quart Bottles with Screen Print-Web

Quart Bottles

  • Silk-screened QUART BOTTLES 
  • Additional quart bottles with silk-screened labels for dispensing of liquid products
  • Use with product:  #8759 and #8771
  • Note: Limited Quantities Available
Product# Price:
8853 (for 8759 Disinfectant Sanitizer) $1.15 ea.
8854 (for 8771 Citrus Cleaner) $1.15 ea.

Quart Carafe

  • Additional quart carafes for dispensing of liquid products
  • Cap not included
Product# Price:

#8852 Quart Carafe

Note: Price update effective 11/30/22
8753-Trigger Sprayers

Trigger Sprayers

  • Extra trigger sprayers for specific use with quart carafes
  • #8751, #8752, #8959, #8771, #8808, #8852
Product# Price:

#8753 Trigger Sprayers