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Laundry Services

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Michigan State Industries

Laundry Services

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The MSI Laundry is poised to service institutional customers in healthcare, confinement care, long-term care and education.  We can provide both traditional laundering and dry cleaning services using the latest in equipment and technology. We are especially committed to teamwork and accountability  to assure that our customers’ property is  well cleaned and intact upon delivery. This  requires careful coordination between our crew leaders and launderers throughout the cleaning process.  We offer the following services: 

  • Laundering
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Pressing
  • Sewing



Quality Service Guaranteed!!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any special needs our customers might have that would align with our capabilities. Consider that by utilizing the services of the MSI Laundry  you will be helping individuals develop life skills that will prepare them to become  successful, productive members of society. For more information about the MSI’s Laundry capabilities contact MSI Sales Department at (517) 335-3771.