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Dental Services

Dental Lab Services
Michigan State Industries

Dental Services

Skilled Workers

Located at the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, the MSI Dental Laboratory  provides all dentures, bite splints and dental appliance repairs for MDOC prisoners through the system’s 35 dental clinics. Workers gain experience as knowledgeable dental lab technicians, creating partials, dentures and other removable prosthetics that are not only functional but esthetically pleasing,  The hire rate for MSI-trained dental lab technicians has been 100% for many years.  Upon their release, many of the women who participated in our program have attained  supervisory positions during their careers.



Dental Panel Pic1
13-Mary and Staff-Rev

Exceptional Dentures

The Dental Lab training involves teaching the various techniques and systems used in  creating well-fitting dental prosthetics and  demands dexterity, numeracy, focus on detail  and commitment on the part of the inmate workers.  It can take up to five years to become proficient in the entire process.  The Dental Laboratory employs ten prisoner workers.  The MSI Dental Lab has the capability to provide the following services:  Contact MSI Sales Department for further information at (517) 335-3771.

  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Framework
  • Denture Repairs
  • Denture Rebase
  • Denture Relines
  • Soft Denture Relines
  • Custom Tray
  • Soft Bite
  • U of M Bite Splint

Pictured Left: Dental Lab Manager Mary-Jane Neill (Kneeling  Right), and prisoner staff workers manufacture dental prosthetics for the MDOC prisoner population.

MSI Dental Lab Provides Prisoner Staff Work Skills Training 

25-Finished Dentures-Display Case

Finished Case Display

Sample Display Dentures1

Sample Work Display

Dental Processing Dept.

Dentures into Acrylic

Wax Set-UP

Wax Display Set-up

Dentures Horror Display

Dental Lab Creativity On Display

The MSI Dental Lab prisoner staff showed off their creativity and Halloween spirit recently by producing a variety of spooky dentures.  The fang styles were designed in various shapes, blood curdling colors and tooth placements.  Mary-Jane Neill, Dental Lab Manager stated that the project allowed the workers to integrate dental skills and training with creativity and fun.  

PermaSoft Denture Liner

PermaSoft quick cure chairside and laboratory denture liner offers the durability of a laboratory processed soft liner and the convenience of a compatible chairside soft reline kit.  This soft denture liner is ideal for soft relining full dentures, stabilizing partial dentures or anchoring over healing caps. 

  • Self-bonding to acrylic surfaces
  • 15-minute cure in hot water
  • Resists staining, cracking and hardening  
Dental Perma Soft-Panel Pic
Dental Perma Mesh-Panel Pic

Perma-Mesh E-Fiber

Perma Mesh by Preat is a BisGMA and PMMA impregnated E-glass fibers.  All the advantages of the first generation Preat Perma Fiber, but without the need to "wet" the material.  Use fiber to prevent Stress Cracks from starting before processing.  Increase fatigue resistance.  Increase flexural strength.  The fibers work effectively with both acrylic and composite systems.
In addition, having part of the resin matrix composed of PMMA thermoplastic polymer the fiber frame surface is always partially re-dissolvable into the composite cement.  Allows excellent bonding of even indirect bridges to the composite cement and teeth.

  • Translucent for maximum aesthetics and optimal positioning
  • Easy to adjust, grind, and polish
  • Easy to handle and no special tools are needed